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The Code for Sustainable Homes - a brief outline



The average house spends more than £1200 on fuel bills each year which can be up to 50% more than necessary due to the lack of energy saving measures implemented in the home.


Code for Sustainable Homes; on 1st May 2008 the government introduced a mandatory assessment method which measures the sustainability of a new home against nine categories of sustainable design (m) denotes a mandatory performance requirement. Management and Ecology are more relevant to large developers and/or construction companies.


· Energy and CO2 emissions (m)

· Water (m)

· Materials (m)

· Surface Water Run-off (m)

· Waste (m)

· Pollution

· Health and Wellbeing (m)

· Management

· Ecology


Assessments are carried out in two phases:

· An initial assessment is carried out at the design stage based on detailed documentary evidence and commitments which results in an interim certificate of compliance.

· Final assessment and certification is carried out at the post construction stage. Based on the design stage review, this includes a confirmation of compliance, including site records and visual inspection, and results in a final certificate of compliance.






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